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2021 FIFA World Cup: Highlights and Hublot Replica

The 2018 FIFA World Cup has now come to an end with France as the last team standing. The world’s biggest football event saw plenty of sweat and tears, as well as exciting and emotionally-charged moments that relied heavily on precise timing. This accuracy was crucial from the first kick-off to the last and Hublot were there every step of the way to ensure it.

Hublot Replica became the official timekeeper of the World Cup for the third time, and the watch industry giant took this opportunity to impress people at this event.

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They have already made history in the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, when they became the first and only luxury watch brand to redesign the referee board and transform it into the shape of a Big Bang watch. This year is no exception. Whenever a replacement or other minute appears on the clock, the Hublot Reissue name and brand will light up.

puretimes and football go hand in hand, and this Swiss watchmaker, like France and its fans, is the champion of this World Cup.

After 64 games, 169 goals and 49,651 passes, there is no doubt that this World Cup is a whirlwind, full of coveted moments, and surprises many supporters.

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