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Hublot Big Bang King Replica Watches image at the World Cup While other smart watches appeared in the World Cup, the timepiece of the event is undoubtedly the Hublot Big Bang King Replica Watches Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM. The Big Bang was reinvented for this occasion and worn by referees and managers. Throughout the World Cup, Big Bang's performance was particularly prominent. And, through 32 different dial designs and many strap options, users can personalize them according to their preferences.

For managers, this means they can customize the watch according to the color of the team. Not surprisingly, when they move up and down the court or congratulate their players for their outstanding performance, they find that many team leaders are wearing this advanced smartwatch. Didier Deschamps, Gareth Southgate (England coach), Roberto Martinez (Belgium coach) and Stanislav Stanislav Cherchesov (Russian manager) is just some coaches wearing big bang watches.

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The watch worn by the referee is slightly different because it has an additional purpose: to connect them to the latest goal line technology. This limited edition watch also helps fans all over the world stay in touch with every decisive moment of the World Cup. It notifies them of every game 15 minutes before kick-off, sends them real-time updates about the action (including statistics), and sends them a large GOAL notification whenever the team scores.

This smart watch is not the only replica watches to make its debut at the World Cup. When watching the game, Maradona not only wore one pair, but also two Hublot Big Bang King Replica Watches Big Bang Unicos made of 45mm gold watch, in golden yellow

e the Australian international Tim Cahill, sported a 45mm Big Bang Unico White Ceramic. The manager of the Spanish team, ex-Real Madrid player Fernando Hierro, was also wearing a Big Bang Unico with ceramic bezel as he helped to steer his team to the round of 16.

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