Top five tips to make your building more efficient

February 1st, 2021

One of the major costs facing many businesses is energy. If your business is like most businesses around the country, the chances are it is not as energy efficient as it could be. We routinely save our clients up to 20% of their total fuel costs through improving their buildings’ energy efficiency… if you’re looking to make big savings, here are our top five tips to squeeze a bit more life out of your energy bill each month:

1. Insulation matters

One of the easiest possibilities to make your premises more energy efficient is to make sure that your internal and external insulation is doing its job properly. Effective insulation can help reduce heat loss, thereby letting you cut costs on heating. A lot of improvements are simple things you can do yourself, such as fitting hot water cylinders with insulation jackets.

2. Keep your ventilation ducts clean

Another very simple way that you can reduce energy costs is keeping your ventilation ducts clean. This is easy to do, and will reduce the amount of work your air conditioner has to do to keep your building at a comfortable temperature.

3. Change your lighting

LED lighting is the most energy efficient option available today. Next come Compact Fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, then halogen bulbs (which use five times as much energy as LED bulbs), and last of all are old-fashioned filament bulbs. Depending on the size of your building, moving to LED lighting could deliver serious energy efficiency savings in the future.

4. Modernise your boiler

Boilers have become much more energy efficient over the past few decades. If your building includes one or more old boilers, you could improve energy efficiency by replacing them with newer models.

5. Get your staff onside

The last of our simple ways to make your building more energy efficient is based around staff messaging: get your staff onboard with an energy saving initiative. Lights, computers, televisions, and other appliances left on in empty rooms and overnight drain energy without delivering performance. Convince your staff to turn them off every time a room is left, and you will be one step closer to greater energy efficiency.

At Edmund Services, we have years of experience delivering real energy efficiency savings to our clients. Our experienced and professional team of facilities management experts can provide further energy-saving initiatives that you won’t be able to replicate on your own. To find out how we can help, give us a call on 01708 222 221.