Edmund Services launches powerful new client portal

July 25th, 2020

Edmund Services is pleased to announce the launch of a powerful new client portal that will put you in the driving seat when it comes to facilities management.

This software was built in-house, meaning we left nothing to chance and were able to keep the focus on improving our clients’ experience. It provides a comprehensive overview of all your information in one place, as well as the tools to engage with your facilities management schedule (like a live planner) guaranteeing that you have more control, and a better service, than ever before.

The new portal will let you review regular reports produced in real-time, give you access to a top-down view of your supply chain and built environment, and check a historic record of all your assets and audit trails. It includes 24/7, 365 days a year, access to Edmund Services’ helpdesk. It lets you manage and monitor all your planed and reactive facilities management operations. And it is accessible anywhere with just the press of a button.

We believe that this portal is destined to make your facilities management experience even easier and more productive than it was. It will give you the ability to instantly verify that your facilities comply with the relevant regulatory requirements and industry standards, and it should reassure you that we’re making ourselves as accountable as possible.

Most importantly, this new portal will help to standardise and streamline our relationship with you. Ultimately, that should result in more efficient processes, saving you time and money, and putting your mind at ease that the facilities management service you’re receiving is second to none.