Our Five-Step Process To Ensure Great Facilities Management

Our five-step process guarantees that your facilities management will live up to and even exceed your highest expectations. This process is the way in which we form productive contract relationships with our clients, create bespoke service plans, ensure every party knows what they are accountable for, and engage in a top-quality facilities management program that continues to deliver results without needing your constant attention.

Step 1:Consultation

Step 2:Site Survey

Step 3:Planning & Proposal

Step 4:Contract Mobilisation

Step 5:Management Meetings

Everything Your Building Needs

At Edmund Services, our product offerings are bespoke. That means you get what you need – no more, and no less – to ensure your building’s safety and efficiency are optimised, and compliant with all the relevant regulations. We operate a 24 hour emergency callout service with a 2- to 4-hour response time, you can rest assured that your assets will be well protected no matter what.


With our in house electrical expertise we can provide all types of electrical maintenance and reactive response. Our skill in this discipline ranges from emergency lighting and HV/LV maintenance to full electrical design, installation and management of electrical systems.


Our in house team of mechanical technicians provide our clients with a diverse array of experience and technical ability. Our service provision includes maintenance and reactive responses to all mechanical aspects. Our skill in this discipline ranges from installation and commissioning of unvented hot water cylinders to design, supply and installation of district heating networks.


Water Hygiene is a critical service to ensure our clients public health and closed systems are maintained efficiently ensuring building occupants remain safe and closed systems are maintained to industry standards. With our trusted and approved supply chain of suppliers and our in house mechanical team we are able to provide all required Water Hygiene requirements including associated Turn Key rectification projects.


Our in house team of specialist air conditioning technicians aim is to provide an efficient operating system to minimise failures and avoidable costs to our clients. We are able to provide all maintenance and reactive responses ensuring our clients and buildings remain within the required climate controlled environment.


Our in house team of combustion and heating technicians are able to deliver all required maintenance and reactive responses. Heating is a critical service to ensure business continuity.  Our dedicated team ensure all maintenance is completed to the highest of industry standards.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that the heating systems within our portfolio are managed efficiently and operate to the original design specifications.


It is vital that buildings have adequate ventilation systems, allowing fresh air into the building and forcing dirty air out. Keeping our air fresh is a key component of good health and avoids high levels of moisture, odours, gases, dust and other pollutants. We can help you to install and/or service your ventilation systems, guaranteeing that you not only meet regulatory standards, but embody best practise.


Fire Safety is critical to prevent loss of life and minimise damage. Having effective set procedures and measures in place can save lives. Through our Specialist supply chain of approved Contractors we are able to provide full maintenance and installation requirements. Our experience in this discipline ranges from fire door inspections to installation of smoke clearance systems.


Security is essential to ensuring our Clients tenants and residents remain secure within their environment. Working closely with our Specialists supply chain of approved Contractors we are able to provide all required maintenance and reactive responses.


Our energy management service will guarantee that you are not wasting money and damaging the environment needlessly. We provide a full analysis of your building’s energy use, letting you track consumption and costs across your entire business. This service has saved some clients as much as 20% of their total fuel costs and provides futureproofing against energy price fluctuations and supply shortages.